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Sizes for a hanknit sweater/cardigan

We usually knit on customer request .

Many wonder how you can knit to size if you don't see the customer in real life? Thanks to our many years of experience as a knitter , we can knit to size according to the following measurements : lay a suitable pullover or cardigan for you flat on the table as shown in the drawing and send us the 3 sizes .

Size 1 (manchet- manchet ) is usually 150 cm for a woman, I always knit long sleeves (to the wrist), some customers want shorter (above the clock) so let us know

Size 2 is the length of pull or vest is between 55-65 cm. For myself with size 40 and length 167 cm I prefer a length between 60-62 cm.

Size 3 (round the bust)is very different.

If you want to be oversized you should take at least 30 cm more than your bust circumference (= bra size), so with a bra size of 95 cm, the sweater will be 95+30=125 cm all around. Then it is spacious enough. If you want extra oversized then it is 40 cm more than the bra, this will also mean that your sleeves will be shorter and your sweater will therefore 'hang' more at the place of the shoulders.

Much also depends on the model of the pull (more on this later)

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