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What is mohair

Mohair is the wool of the angora goat, not to be confused with angora wool which comes from the angora rabbit. The finest mohair comes from the younger goats which is the most shiny . Mohair is one of the luxurious types of natural wool. It has good thermal insulation, retains heat and is very airy in structure. Due to the specificity of the structure, high price in its pure form, the wool fibers of angora goats are difficult to use. The yarn is mixed with ordinary wool or synthetic polyamide - a strong, flexible thread is obtained. Mohair has the following properties: softness, strength, thermal insulation, environmentally safe, animal-friendly obtained. Finished products are light and airy . It is considered the warmest compared to other types of wool. Finished wires are thin but durable. In the textile industry there are different types of mohair , based on the age of the animal : the younger the softer the product , the finest is Super Kid Mohair . Available from us in balls of 25 grams (225 meters). In addition, the Kid Mohair, also super soft, usually comes together with silk (see Drops 70% mohair 30% silk) and Kid Annell (80% mohair 20% nylon).

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