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PATTERN mohair pull MOJO needle 12

PATTERN mohair pull MOJO needle 12


own design in 80% mohair quality, also possible in ITALY mohair (photos green/purple)

For this model you should have knowledge of: knit right, purl, knit 2 stitches right together, make yarn over.

It is written step by step per needle so easy to follow

The pattern is written out in one size, namely

onesize : short model 55-58 cm , width 55 cm , with regular length sleeves

in perforated pattern on the front and back

You knit with 3 strands and needle no. 12 (10 balls + 6   bulbs + 4 bulbs )   that way you have a very airy model,

you can also knit with 4 threads and follow the pattern but then you will need more material.

The pattern is written for 3 colors but you can safely knit everything in one color.